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Sea Chips

We helped brand the first salmon skin crisp to enter the UK snack market. 10% of their profits go towards cleaning up our oceans, and the product itself is made using salmon skins that would otherwise go to waste.

Logo and Packaging Design

We worked with a talented illustrator to develop the iconic sea chips fish that quickly became loved by those who enjoy the product.

Product Microsite

We designed and built a small website to help promote the product and establish the brand, which links through to the products that are stocked on Amazon.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Clay. They delivered a superb identity, packaging design and website that expresses exactly what we needed our brand to capture. They met all of our deadlines, communicated consistently, and took a thorough look at our business and target audience. The work has resulted in growth faster than we could have anticipated.”

Dan & Dom – Founders
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