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Apply for Creative Support

You have a great idea. We can help you to make it real.


As much as we would love to help everyone, we really need to prioritise who we offer support to. There are two basic requirements.

1. Your idea must be for good

Whether you are a charity, non-profit or business, you must be doing something that impacts people lives or the environment in a positive way.

2. Complete transparency

If you are a business, any questions that we have about your finances, business plan or model must be clarified. Likewise, if you are a charity or non-profit, we will want to know exactly what your intentions are and how the organisation is structured.

How this works

Please note, we do not provide financial support.

Once submitted, we will review your application, then contact you to let you know whether you have been successful and what the next steps are. If you are unsuccessful, we will give you clear feedback as to why, and whether you are eligible to reapply.

Whilst we give proper consideration to every applicant, you are more likely to be successful if:

  • You are a business and have a clear, well formulated business plan.
  • A working product or can demonstrate your service.
  • You are a charity or non-profit with a solid core team.
  • You know specifically what you are aiming to achieve.

Application Form

Please be mindful that if you refresh or close this page, you will lose all of your input.

  • We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • You will need at least 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Have a look over the entire form before filling it in.

Personal Details

Your Business / Organisation

Tell us about what you do, and how that is of benefit to people or the planet. This could be through setting up food banks, support groups or cleaning up the environment. It could also be creating ultra sustainable packaging solutions.

If you haven't officially started yet, tell us why you want to. What is the motivation behind what you do? Where did you get the idea or inspiration from?

Project Details

What exactly are you trying to achieve, and how do you think we can help you to do that?

How do things look as a result of a successful project? What is your vision of an ideal future, 12 - 36 months from now?

How did you hear about us? What inspired you to fill out this application today?

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If you are unable to find out why the form will not submit, please keep this page open, accept our apologies, and contact Joe directly on +44 (0) 7432 504 332.