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We offer creative support to charities and non-profit organisations that need help to get off the ground.

Creative investment (not financial)

We offer as much support as we are able to charities and non-profits who need some help to get their message out there (and define what that message is).

Brand Creation

Having a brand is relevant to anyone; even if you don’t exist to make a profit. We can work with you to define what your brand is and build a foundation for it to grow from.

Visual Identity

A unique brand identity will help you attract attention, stand out as being different and to look great.

Experience Design

It all ultimately comes down to the experience that your customer has with your product or service. We’ll help you to get it right, and find ways to innovate.

Website Design & Build

We can work with you to design and build a website that gives deep consideration to the needs and wants of your audience. Whether to inform, educate or sell.


We can work with you to create a vehicle that will carry your brands message in a way that is engaging, relevant and goal-focused.

Guidance & Consultation

Guidance and support will be available throughout the work we do, as well as afterwards. If you have questions, need ideas or input, we’ll be there.

How to apply for help

If you are setting up or are currently running a charity or non-profit and need some support, please follow the link below to apply.

Featured Projects

See who we have helped, and what we have done for them.